How To Get A Credit Card With A Bad Credit Rating?

One of the most useful sites I found online for getting information on how to repair my credit was in the ‘Money’ section of There’s a guy named Patrick Munro who is a financial advisor and he has put together a series of videos answering the biggest questions about how to fix your bad credit. One of the more relevant videos I found from Mr. Munro was the video about “How To Get A Credit Card With A Bad Credit Rating.” You can watch that video right here:

When I had bad credit… I didn’t think there was anyway I could ever get credit again… or at least for a long time. But I knew I had to some how re-establish credit… but the only way to do that would be to prove to the credit card companies that I can be responsible and pay my debts on time. So how was I suppose to do that if I could no longer get any credit?

Well… that’s when I discovered the pre-paid credit card. Basically… the way it works is that you are required to put up an up-front collateral. For me, it was $1,000 dollars. So by depositing $1,000 dollars as collateral… that now became my credit limit. I was able to get a pre-paid (or sometimes called ‘Secured’ credit card) and can begin to charge things on my card and pay it off in time every month. This helped me in the process or re-establishing good credit. And that’s how I was able to get a credit card even though I had bad credit.

For more info… I recommend you visit the ‘Money’ section and watch some of the video that Patrick Munro has available about how to fix your bad credit.

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