Beware of Identity Theft…

About 2-years ago… I got hit with identity theft.

I can’t believe myself… I was late for a date and rushing to the place where I was suppose to meet… when I realized that I didn’t have any cash on hand.

So I saw a Bank of America on the side of the road… pulled-over, ran out to the ATM, grabbed a $100 bucks in cash… and then ran right back to my car and continued to drive to my destination.

Little did I know that I totally forgot to take out my ATM card out of the bank ATM machine. Yikes! (The thought just never hit me.)

It wasn’t until several days later when I went to check my online statement… I noticed that a bunch of money was missing from my account. I started to review the charges and I say almost 11 different charges on my credit card statement that I had no clue where they came from.

* 2 Different Wal-Mart charges
* 4 Different Gas Station charges
* 7-Eleven Charges

All the charges were under $200 bucks.

I guess if you go to gas stations, or convenient stores, or Wal-Mart and you don’t spend more than $200 dollars… they don’t even check your I.D. when you’re purchasing!

It was crazy… more than $1,000.00 dollars  was taken from my bank accounts as a result of me forgetting to take out my ATM card from the ATM machine when I pulled out money because I was in a rush to get to my date.

And all this happened in less than 3-days time!

That’s why you have to be careful with your ATM and Debit Cards. I immediately called the bank to have my cards cancelled and applied to get those transactions removed and returned to me.

It took the bank almost a month to do the investigations… but luckily… they confirmed that they were fraudulent purchases and they refunded that money back to my account.

The point is… whether it’s identity theft… or poor credit management… you MUST take responsibility when it comes to using credit cards or debit cards. Because if you’re careless… and you don’t pay close attention to what’s happening… things like identity theft can happen to you. You can develop poor credit ratings and have bad credit scores.

And the lasting affects of these poor decisions can effect your financial situation for many years into the future. Start now to develop more responsibility around your finances… and you will be rewarded with better credit, more financial stability, and a better peace of mind.

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