About Our Company

BadCreditLoansForAll.com is an independent financial education company that specializes in helping consumers understand the various different options they have available to increase their credit scores and repair their bad credit.

How Our Service Works:

The way we educate consumers is through our educational articles and resources found on our website.

If a consumer feels they still need more additional information that they can not find on our site… then we offer a free personal 1-on-1 telephone consultation that they can request via contact request form or by calling our office directly.

During the telephone consultation… we will assess their personal credit situation and then answer any questions they may have. At that point… we will educate the consumer about the various different options they may have available that could help them with their own particular credit situation.


The personal 1-on-1 telephone consultations are free. There is no cost or obligation. There is nothing you have to buy. And any info you share with us during our telephone consultations will be strictly kept 100% private, safe, and fully confidential.

The way we get paid is by being consultants / affiliates for other people. We are financially or otherwise benefiting from anything we recommend to you over the phone… or anything that you read, click on, or buy from our website partners.

You should assume we have motivation for linking to everything on this website and will benefit from it somehow.

You should assume we are no better than you are and your opinion has just as much weight as ours.

You should question everything we say and come up with your own thoughts and opinions and not blindly trust any informational website online.

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